Real cinnamon oil

Drying cinnamon sticks

 Sri Lanka is the No. 1 real cinnamon producer globally, and they are manufacturing natural cinnamon oil. Today we are talking about the production of natural cinnamon oil and its properties. 

One instance of cinnamon oil extraction

The cinnamon oil is extracting from four main parts of the cinnamon plant.

  • Cinnamon bark – Contains 0.4% -0.5% oil content. Cinnamic aldehyde is the main constituent—Cinnamon oil used in perfumery, food flavoring, pharmaceuticals.
  • Cinnamon leaf  Contains up to 4.8% oil. Eugenol is the main constituent—Cinnamon oil used in perfumery, food flavoring, pharmaceuticals, and Insect pheromone production.
  • Cinnamon roots – Camper is the main constituent.
  • Cinnamon fruit – Cadinin is the main constituent.

But there is a high demand for cinnamon bark oil and cinnamon leaf oil in the market.

Cinnamon bark oil

Cinnamon oil was obtained by distilling cinnamon sticks, pieces, and chips. Cinnamon oil should be light yellow, with no floating or marine parts.

        Cinnamon bark oil grading according to SLS: 81 standard


81 Standard





Percentage of cinnamaldehyde by

Above 60%




Maximum phenol (eugenol) percentage
by weight

Below 4%

Below 4%

18% or Above 18%

Above 20%

Cinnamon leaf oil

Discarded cinnamon leaves are using to make cinnamon leaf oil. Discarded cinnamon leaves using for oil extraction in 3-5 days. 

Dry cinnamon leaves

How to identify the cinnamon leaf oil

  • Appearance – A clear solution without floating or submerged parts.
  • Color – Light or dark
  • Smell – Eugenol tax Inherent cinnamon leaf oil scent
  • The polarity of ethanol – One volume of oil, 70% ethanol in two volumes, should be dissolved.
  • Minimum phenol (eugenol) percentage by weight – 75%
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