Ceylon cinnamon for bone health


You know, from ancient times, the East people have a habit of supplying a piece of cinnamon daily? Cinnamon twigs are using to clean teeth before the introduction of toothbrushes. Even today, in some parts of Sri Lanka, adults use cinnamon twigs to clean their teeth.

You have seen different products on the market from other brands to protect your mouth and teeth. They say that so-called natural products contain cinnamon as an ingredient. Just mentioning the cinnamon’s name will give you an idea of the importance of your oral and dental health.

Now we find out the details about Ceylon cinnamon how to help your oral and dental health.

Ceylon Cinnamon prevents tooth decay.

The anti-bacterial properties of Ceylon Cinnamon reduce the activity of harmful bacteria in your mouth, reducing their ability to damage your teeth.

Ceylon Cinnamon Relieves Toothache.

The cinnamaldehyde content in Ceylon Cinnamon soothes your nerves, and its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties help provide quick relief for your toothache. 

Ceylon cinnamon Strengthens teeth and bones.

Ceylon Cinnamon contains various vital minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, which help keep your teeth and bones healthy. To do this, do not forget to add cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder to your daily consumption. 

Beneficial for arthritis patients.

If you have arthritis, why is Ceylon Cinnamon more suitable for you?

  • Due to the low percentage of coumarin, it is not harmful to the liver even if consumed daily.
  • Very minimal side effects as it is a natural remedy.
  • A High Percentage of manganese (above 70%) Manganese plays a vital role in bone tissue production.
  • Try Ceylon Cinnamon for at least three months while controlling the harmful foods for arthritis. 

Also, the fiber, enzymes, and proteins in Ceylon Cinnamon can enhance your overall health.

 Remember that you can only get all these benefits by using Ceylon Cinnamon.

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