Ceylon Cinnamon for Diabetics


Today, more than 10% of the world’s population can be diagnosed with diabetes at some point. Anyone from a young child to an adult can have diabetes. That is, there is no age limit for diabetes.

This article intends to bring you information on how to take cinnamon with diabetes, dosage, homemade cinnamon recipes, and how to use it. But if you use cinnamon with anti-diabetic drugs, let your doctor know because he has a correct understanding of your health condition. Remember that it is not uncommon for some doctors to make negative comments about cinnamon for personal gain. 

Is there cinnamon and blood sugar research?

  • Paul Davis, a research nutritionist at the University of California, Berkeley, says, “According to our results, it’s about 3 to 5 percent moderate.” He says this is the measure of lowering blood sugar levels in older generation diabetes medications.
  • According to test reports from the National Center for Biotechnology, the cinnamaldehyde compound in cinnamon may be of great value in enhancing anti-diabetic efficacy and treating type 2 diabetes.
  • Another study by the National Center for Biotechnology found the cinnamaldehyde had hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects in diabetic mice.
  • Cinnamon has been found to prevent diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes, according to the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

How much cinnamon should I take a day for diabetes?

1. Ceylon Cinnamon oil 

  • If you have severe diabetes, apply three drops of cinnamon oil daily.
  • You can use 8 ounces of hot water or something similar with tea or coffee.
  • Do not increase the dose, as it can lower blood sugar quickly.
  • Our recommendation is to talk to a doctor and use cinnamon oil.
  • Never use more than three drops of cinnamon oil a day without a doctor’s advice.

2. Ceylon Cinnamon powder

  • Use a maximum of 1 teaspoon for five days. 
  • Take a 2-day break every five days. 
  • Do not increase this size.

3. Ceylon Cinnamon sticks 

  • Boil Ceylon cinnamon sticks for 25-30 minutes and allow to dry.
  • Once the color is red, you can drink.
  • It can be used with tea or coffee if desired.

What cinnamon is best for people with diabetes?

The simple answer is “Ceylon Cinnamon.”


The reason is the percentage of coumarin (0.02%) in Ceylon Cinnamon.

The coumarin percentage in cinnamon has a direct effect on controlling diabetes. But if you use cassia cinnamon with a high coumarin rate (0.4% -0.8%), you may suffer from liver disease. Therefore, even if you double the amount and use Ceylon Cinnamon, you will not reach the coumarin level contained in Cassia Cinnamon. So you are safe. 

According to the above information,

  • The most suitable type of cinnamon to use for diabetes,
  • Dosage to use,
  • How to use,

We hope you have some understanding of diabetes and cinnamon.

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