Ceylon Cinnamon for a Super Brain


Can Ceylon Cinnamon do anything to keep the brain and central nervous system healthy? The most straightforward answer is “yes.” How?

Scientific tests have shown that Ceylon cinnamon can treat all brain-related diseases from Alzheimer’s to dementia. Also, Ceylon Cinnamon can reduce the risk of stroke in children and adults. Recent studies have shown that high blood sugar can lead to brain shrinkage or memory loss.

Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels. But if you use cassia cinnamon, the high coumarin content it contains can damage your liver. If you choose cinnamon for a super-brain, always make sure to select Cinnamon Ceylon.

Natural memory-booster

According to Dr. Pearlmutter, high blood sugar (not enough to cause diabetes) causes the brain to contract, leading to memory loss.

The effect of cinnamon on blood sugar control is 3% -5%, which is similar to the impact of older anti-diabetic drugs. Even if you do not have diabetes, Ceylon Cinnamon can lower your blood sugar level and control brain shrinkage.

Suitable for neurological diseases

Although synthetic sodium benzoate contains various products on the market, did you know that Ceylon Cinnamon has it naturally?

A study from the University of Maryland has found that sodium benzoate contributes to lowering blood ammonia levels. High ammonia levels can have detrimental effects on your brain and nervous system. 

Ingestion of sodium benzoate raises the brain’s level of chemicals, thus stimulating new neurons and maintaining existing neurons’ status.

Ceylon cinnamon Treats hyperglycemic and Alzheimer’s

Recent studies in St. Barbara show that cinnamon aldehyde and epicatechin may be more effective in controlling Alzheimer’s disease. Ceylon Cinnamon can be preventing the filamentous “tangles” of brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients. 

If you are ready to use cinnamon oil, be sure to start with one drop a day. Excessive use can be harmful.

Six grams of cinnamon in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition slow the stomach’s emptying and significantly reduces post-hyperglycemia.

Reduces the risk of cognitive decline

When it comes to cinnamon and the brain, the most important thing is that cinnamon can prevent future diseases, even more than existing ones.

If you want to be acting as an athlete, stop drinking energy drinks and try using cinnamon tea or cinnamon stick boiled water. Natural remedies will give you new life.

If you use cinnamon daily, do not exceed the daily limit of 6 grams. We are happy that you are healthy and healthy.

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