List of health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

  The real cinnamon has been using for various purposes since ancient times. It has a wide range of uses, from home-made delicacies to offerings to God. Ceylon cinnamon has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide range of ailments.  Today we are talking about a list of benefits of Ceylon cinnamon.… Continue reading List of health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

Real cinnamon oil

Drying cinnamon sticks  Sri Lanka is the No. 1 real cinnamon producer globally, and they are manufacturing natural cinnamon oil. Today we are talking about the production of natural cinnamon oil and its properties.  One instance of cinnamon oil extraction The cinnamon oil is extracting from four main parts of the cinnamon plant. Cinnamon bark… Continue reading Real cinnamon oil

How to identify the real cinnamon

We think you already have an understanding of real cinnamon harvesting and processing. Today we will explain the quality standards related to real cinnamon and the nutritional data of real cinnamon. This article will also help you identify the true cinnamon in the market. General Information on True Cinnamon Understanding the following tips before you… Continue reading How to identify the real cinnamon

Cultivation of true Cinnamon

  Cinnamon has been famous as a spice since ancient times, and its manufacturer was Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is an endemic plant of the Lorrace family and the genus Cinnamomum. They are botanically called Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Blume/ Cinnamomum verum Presl. It is have originated in the mountainous areas of Sri Lanka and can be successful cultivated up to 700… Continue reading Cultivation of true Cinnamon

True Cinnamon History 1948 to Today

  We hope to bring you information on the official independence of Ceylon from the British in 1948 and the cultivation, production, and quality of true cinnamon cultivation by local rulers in this article. In our previous articles, we talk about the cultivation of cinnamon from the past to 1948 and the evolution of the… Continue reading True Cinnamon History 1948 to Today

British and Ceylon Cinnamon (1796-1948)

  We have talked in previous articles about cinnamon cultivation and trade monopoly in Ceylon during the Portuguese rule, before 1600, and during the Dutch rule. Today we bring you this article about how economic and social changes in Sri Lanka during the British colonial rule: How the value of true cinnamon, a luxury commodity,… Continue reading British and Ceylon Cinnamon (1796-1948)

The Dutch and True Cinnamon (1658-1796)

  By the 16th century, the Portuguese’s trade monopoly was being obstructed by the Dutch and was gradually intensifying. While the maritime trade was going on, the Dutch came to Ceylon around 1658 and, their sole objective was to take over the Eastern trade.  The Portuguese were still a major problem for the native king… Continue reading The Dutch and True Cinnamon (1658-1796)

True Cinnamon monopoly falls to Europeans – Portuguese (1505-1658)

  In the previous article, we talked about the history of true cinnamon and the role of Arab traders. There we bring you the Egyptian civilization and Arab traders. Then we talk about how the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British maintained this true cinnamon monopoly and their activities.  True Cinnamon and Portuguese Around 1505,… Continue reading True Cinnamon monopoly falls to Europeans – Portuguese (1505-1658)